Web & Mobile Software Developer - Networking - UI/UX Designer - Automation Testing


About Me

I am a very outgoing kinda person.
I'm a very fast learner, whether its programming and networking related scenes while combining that with being people & client oriented.

I'm also a thrill seeker whether on leading my group, team or event society on completing project and winning competitions and also making new adventures exciting whereever we go.

Other than that, I am also active in multiple sporting activities with some involving national and international competitions.

While doing so I'm also a captain of the kayaking team and co-captain of the dragonboat team. Other sports involving national competitions are tennis and field hockey.

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Laravel, Cordova & Ionic Framework

I have experience in both mobile and web developing software. It includes Laravel, Ionic and Cordova Framework. During past internships and also freelancing projects.

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HTML & PHP & JS & CSS Web Based Project

The ability to fluently use scripts and language to perform task needed within the system being created.

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Automation Testing

Dusk automation testing on web based software. Basic knowledge of automation testing for mobile based softwares.

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Academic and Sports Achievements

Multiple achievements and within the academic and sports relations in accordance to the university, school and open competitions.

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Photoshop & Illustrator & After Effects Adobe Project

Fluency in using adobe softwares to a get task done.

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Leadership Experience

Leadership experience on managing projects and team based activities on both business, corporate, class and community service projects.

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